How We Protect Your Privacy

Your travel is entirely yours.

We've built our entire technological platform with one goal: plan and facilitate travel. We don't rely on ads or collecting user data of our customers.

  • All data related to your travel – planned or finished – is strictly confidential. The only people to get access to them is us, Some move s.r.o., and whomever you choose.
  • We will only discuss your travel plans when we are confident that we are actually talking to you, the customer. To that end, we may ask you to sign in to our web app or require that you communicate through the e-mail address or social media handle we know to be yours.
  • We strive to communicate primarily through TravelSupport – this website or its companion apps. That way we know it's secure and connected to your travel itinerary. Every message we exchange this way is encrypted.
  • We don't share any data about your travel, in detail or in general. We do keep an anonymous statistical overview for our internal needs, so that we can better prepare and optimize for specific routes and destinations.
  • We don't use tracking cookies or any other tools to identify you across website, such as remarketing codes. We don't sell ad space nor do we monetize your visits to this website in any other way.
  • If you travel with us as part of a corporate account or an event, your travel information will be shared with your company or the event organizer. This only includes essential travel details, but not personal or payment data.


Our system uses first-party technical cookies that make it work. These don't contain any personally identifiable information nor anything that's not essential for the functioning of this web app.

Beyond that, we use Google Analytics to examine site visits and performance in general, to help us develop and optimize the application further. This information doesn't track your visits and does not record IP addresses.

What Personal Information We Collect

  • To plan and deliver your travel, we will always ask for your name and a primary contact, such as an e-mail address or social media handle. This allows us to get in touch reliably, and also address any disruptions, changes or claims that may arise. It also enables you to handle your travel plan securely.
  • Beyond this basic information, we may need additional personal details in order to issue tickets or reservations in specific cases. We always strive to only ask for the minimum viable data set. Such personal details may include ID card or passport number, date of birth or address of your stay.
  • Whenever possible, we issue group tickets and bookings anonymously or under a single name. Only when this is not feasible (e.g. with flight tickets) or when you specifically request individually issued tickets, we'll ask for other travelers' data as well.
  • We store anonymous diagnostic data about system usage. These records don't contain any personal information. We use anonymized IP addresses for approximate low-accuracy geolocation.
  • We only use exact geolocation (via GPS or Wi-Fi) if you give us express permission that you can revoke at any point.

How We Process Personal Data

  • We permanently store your name and primary contact (e.g. e-mail address) for necessary record-keeping.
  • All other personally identifiable data is automatically removed 30 days after your last travel segment has concluded. You have the option to voluntarily save your data with us to expedite future travel planning. You can also change your mind at any point.
  • We only use your contact information to discuss your pending or ongoing travel, and for transactional messages concerning your account. We don't use it for marketing purposes.
  • Personal information needed to deliver your travel is stored securely. We only provide this data to the specific carriers and service providers whose services you will be using as part of your travel.
  • Even after we remove all of your data from TravelSupport, it is possible that some amount will be retained indirectly, such as within secured PDF receipts that we archive for accounting purposes. These files are kept in secure storage with limited user access.
  • If you decide not to proceed with your order, all personal data including the primary contact will be removed.
  • We don't store any sensitive payment data. All card payments, PayPal transactions and purchases through employer benefit points are processed through a secure thrid-party gateway. Sensitive data is never transferred or stored in our system.

Your Rights

If we are currently storing any of your personal data, you are entitled to the following:

  • The right to removal of all your personal data, including all contact information and your user account. We will delete your data within five business days of the conclusion of your last itinerary. Note that some limited data may still be retained in archived receipts that we store based on legal requirements and wherein anonymization is not possible.
  • The right to receive a copy of all your personal data that we store in electronic format.
  • The right to correction of your personal data if you find discrepancies or errors.

Rules We Follow

Our work with personal information is governed by the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 (GDPR) and the Czech Personal Information Protection Act 101/2000 Sb.

Whom to Contact

Please address your inquiries and requests to