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Transparent and FairWhat you're paying for:

Best available fare


  • Lowest available fare for a given travel class
  • Seat or sleeper reservation, based on preference
  • Clear details on changes and cancellations

Small service fee


  • Trip planning by our travel experts
  • Suggestions on discounts and sales, including group fares
  • Concise online itinerary with clear directions and useful tips
  • Advice on service and seat selection based on experience
  • Assistance with traffic disruptions, cancellations and compensations for delays
  • Online ticket delivery or personal pick-up
  • Detailed billing statement and easy payment – signle transaction or split among group members

Don't get ripped off

Many vendors hike up ticket prices and attribute the difference to 'taxes and fees'. This is a scam!

  • Our displayed prices are all-in, including VAT and all applicable fees.
  • Don't pay extra for basic amenities, such as ticket pick-up.
  • If you need anything else, feel free to tell us. We won't try to upsell useless extras.

Ticket delivery

  • Electronic

    always included

    Most bookings can be used electronically. We'll make them available to you from our online app, so you can always re-download if needed.

  • Pick up at our office

    included, upon arrangement

    We'd be happy to arrange pick-up at our HQ in central Prague or through one of our colleagues throughout the region.

  • Express delivery

    from €9

    Get tickets delivered directly to your hotel, your office or anywhere globally via express mail.

Changes and refunds

  • Always up to speed


    Before you purchase, you get a rundown of the exact fare conditions. If there are several flexibility options availalbe, we'll let you choose.

  • Flexible fares


    We'll take care of the requested changes or cancellations free of charge. You'll get a full refund of your fare. See details

  • Restricted fares

    fare difference

    You'll pay according to the posted fare rules and that's it. We'll address cancellations on a case-by-case basis. See details

What you need to knowFrequently asked questions

Trip planning and purchase

Is ticket purchase instantaneous?

Currently not. We offer a range of travel options and their combinations, which cannot be fully automated yet. In addition, some international fares are not available for purchase through online channels. Our travel expert will be with you shortly after submitting a request, as we strive to finish your purchase within 24 hours.

How quickly can you process my itinerary?

You'll get an offer within 24 hours. We'll get in touch quickly to obtain any required details necessary to process your order. As soon as you accept our offer, we'll issue your tickets and process your payment.

What happens once I submit a request?

You'll immediately receive a confirmation e-mail with your trip summary and an itinerary link. You can edit, amend or share your online itinerary throughout the planning stage. One of our travel experts will get in touch with you during the day.

Can I change my mind even after I've submitted a request?

Sure. Until you explicitly accept our offer, you're making no commitment and you're not paying anything. If you're still interested, we'll do our best to offer the best available alternatives.

Costs, fees and payments

What is included in the total cost of my travel?

The total price tag includes the individual fares for your tickets and bookings, plus a small one-off service fee. We always pick the lowest available fares for the desired travel class. If more options are available, we'll help you make an informed choice.

Our suggested fares always include seat or sleeper reservations, if applicable, unless you explicitly indicate otherwise, in which case the cost of reservations will be deducted from your total.

All prices include VAT and all applicable taxes and fees.

Am I getting the lowest possible fare?

There is a limited number of cases in which even lower fares may be technically available by exploiting partial fare discrepancies. This method is contrary to best practices and we will not actively advertise it due to a number of inherent drawbacks that adversely impact customer experience. We will instead find and offer the best value without compromises.

How can I pay for travel?

We accept VISA, MasterCard and Maestro debit and credit cards, wire transfers in CZK, EUR and USD and PayPal. You always receive a full electronic invoice.

Is invoicing available for corporate customers?

Yes, we make business travel easy by offering extended tools for corporate travel, including detailed billing and expense reporting.

Is it possible to split the total cost, e.g. for group business trips?

Sure, you can cover the total in a single payment or have it split in any way you prefer, such as per-person subtotals. This is especially useful for group business travel, reducing overall costs and complexity by taking advantage of group discounts. You can also choose to have your total split up arbitrarily, e.g. when an organization only covers part of the expenses. Just ask your travel expert during the planning phase.

Changes, trip cancellations and assistance with travel disruptions

We understand that plans tend to change without warning, and we won't leave you hanging. Our offers always include details on change and cancellation conditions for a given fare. If both restricted and flexible fares are available, you'll be given a choice.

Can I change the date or time of my trip and how much will it cost?

Some rail tickets are open and usable for any train on a given day. In these cases, we'll just update your seat reservation free of charge.

Most tickets can be changed even minutes prior to departure. We'll make the change for you free of charge, you just cover any applicable fare difference in case the new fare is higher than the original.

If a booking cannot be changed, we'll address change requests on a case-by-case basis and we'll help you find the best available replacement.

Can I cancel a confirmed ticket and will I get a refund?

Most tickets can be cancelled free of charge or against a small fee, usually until one day before date of travel. We always refund you the paid fare in full or in part, exactly in accordance with the applicable conditions of carriage.

If a ticket cannot be canceled, we'll always offer you the next best alternative.

How do I find out what conditions apply to my ticket?

We'll give you an easy-to-understand rundown of the applicable fare conditions before your purchase. This includes ticket flexibility information and cancellation options.

Can I reach my travel expert once the trip has started?

Of course, our messaging history is always available in our app and you can jump back into the conversation anytime. Ask us about local transit tickets, lunch recommendations near the station or request an alternate routing if you happen to miss your connection due to a delay.

Who is reponsible for compensations and refunds due to travel disruptions?

TravelSupport assumes the responsibility for representing you in case of delays, missed connections or damage to personal items, within the bounds of the applicable conditions of carriage and legal provisions. We always provide the necessary information and evidence to back your claims.

How the service works and what makes it worthwhile

What is TravelSupport and how does it work?

TravelSupport is a complete, end-to-end travel planning platform across transportation modes, with a strong focus on public transportation. It is built around a web portal through which you assemble your itinerary, purchase tickets and obtain additional services with the help of our qualified staff.

Is this a turnkey travel agency?

Our primary focus is friendly and straightforward travel by public transporation. We have many skills, but we don't specialize in package trips, destination activities nor experiences. However, we'd be happy to refer you to partners who focus on those elements.

How is TravelSupport different to other similar services?

We bring together the best in human expertise and current technology. We don't operate mechanically, but rather strive to save your time and money thanks to extensive in-house experience and technology. We're here throughout your journey and we believe in fair and transparent terms, including our pricing.

Why is TravelSupport better than buying directly from a carrier?
  • You don't need to read up on fares, conditions and discounts, we'll automatically suggest the best available solution. You can also take advantage of multiple operators or transportation modes in a single itinerary and pay only once.
  • Easily compare available options or split the costs among group members. If you're a business, you get an invoice and detailed expense reports to make official travel easier to manage.
  • We offer assistance with changes, trip cancellations or travel disruptions, including refunds, compensations and flexible rebookings.

We charge a small one-off convenience fee on top of your total price to cover these services.

Does TravelSupport directly operate any transportation services?

No, we are a travel agent and an authorized ticket vendor. If your itinerary can't be easily covered by public transportation, we will arrange on-demand transportation options, such as fixed-fare taxi or shuttle. We do offer custom bus, rail and baggage services to facilitate large events.

What is your relation to public transport operators?

We have partner agreements in place with a number of operators, entitling us to sell tickets and act on behalf of customers. If there is no agreement in place with a specific carrier, we act as a general travel agent to facilitate your travel. There is no practical difference in terms of service and customer care provided.

Security, privacy and personal information

Why do you need my e-mail address?

Your e-mail address lets us verify your intent to use the service. Once submitted, a user account will automatically be created for you, enabling us to work with you on executing your itinerary. Your e-mail address will only ever be used exclusively for the purposes of communication directly concerning your itinerary and nothing else. We do not send out advertisements or newsletters, nor will we ever make your address available to a third party. If you give explicit consent, we may pass your address to your carrier, so that you can receive details concerning your trip.

Why do I need a user account in the TravelSupport app?

Your user profile lets us communicate with you in the course of preparing your itinerary and during your travel. By verifying your e-mail and setting up your access credentials, we make sure that our conversation is secure and private. You can sign in to your profile to access your purchased tickets, make adjustments or submit claims at any time.

How do I register?

Your user profile is created automatically upon submitting your first request. You will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail through which you will confirm your address and prompt us to start on your personalized offer.

What information is necessary to issue tickets?

Most bookings only require the name of one traveler in a party. When possible, we will issue your tickets anonymously without any personally identifiable information.

In some cases, though, the carrier may require additional data, such as date of birth or personal ID number. If this is required, your travel expert will ask you to enter the minimum amount of necessary details into your itinerary. These will only be used for the single purpose of issuing your tickets.

How is my privacy and personal data protected?

Protection of personal and contact information is the highest priority for our staff and systems alike.

Your personal data, including your name and e-mail addresss, is always transmitted over an encrypted connection and securely stored in a trusted datacenter located in the Czech Republic. The only permissible use of this data is to facilitate your itinerary. This information is not and will not ever be used for advertising purposes and access to it is strictly restricted. You are free to choose whether to share your itinerary with other persons, such as fellow travelers.

How secure is my payment?

All online payments are carried out by trusted payment providers outside of our organization (online payment processors or PayPal). Neither the TravelSupport app, nor our staff have access to sensitive information about your payment.

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